Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Many of you have contacted the Club regarding the local lockdown restrictions imposed or about to be imposed, and there have also been some queries about the validity of running a rally, as it is perceived as a social gathering. Currently rallies are permissible as they are purely an arrangement to place a van on a site, however it is important that there should be NO SOCIAL EVENTS associated with the rally.


The Rule of Six applies to all attendees of a rally, and the rally must have a completed Covid Risk Assessment which is sent to the Governance Office – seven days before the rally begins, and this is a legal requirement. As always, if you do not feel comfortable with these restrictions and extra precautions, then please do not run a rally. This a lot to undertake for a volunteer group of members and the Club will support your decision if you do decide to cancel.


The latest guidance is attached which covers the updated lockdown areas in all UK nations (of course this is subject to constant changes).


Areas of local lockdown/restrictions

Please note that if you live in an area of restriction you should not be making any unnecessary travel arrangements, and therefore attending a rally would not be advisable (please check your local restrictions for further clarity).


Also, any rally that is due to be held in an area of lockdown/restriction should now be cancelled and not run. The Club is already closing some sites within areas of lockdown and rallies should definitely NOT proceed.


QR Code

Further guidance on this is attached. Please note that from Thursday, 24 September all tourism/hospitality sectors are required to have a QR poster on display for test and trace purposes. All the information that you need is included in the guidance – it is quite straightforward, and all you will need to do is register the rally on the website (link provided) and it will generate a QR code for you on a poster. Please display this on the rally – this can be in the window of the Rally Marshal/Officer’s unit, for example.